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Department of Special Education

Future Career


Increasing student competency and competitiveness by

  • Helping students with career planning and self-learning
  • Promoting student motivation to participate in community services
  • Cultivating students to be self-disciplined, to take the initiative with good interpersonal skills
  • Strengthening supervision in practicum courses
  • Offering a teaching certificate program in the secondary SPED level

Promoting instructional quality

  • Regularly reviewing the structure of coursework
  • Organizing instructional teams to share teaching experience and instructional methods
  • Conducting faculty evaluation
  • Offering a doctoral program in SPED.

Encouraging participation in international scholar collaborations and increasing the quantity of research papers

  • Encouraging faculty and students to participate in international conferences
  • Sponsoring international interchange activities, conducting international research
  • Encouraging the faculty to form a research team to increase team cooperation
  • Encouraging the faculty to publish research papers.